Food and Beverage

The industry continues to grow worldwide

The food and beverage industry plays a key role in economic growth throughout the world. The industry is continuing to expand and should represent US$7 trillion of the world’s economy in 2014.[1] There are only a few major players in this very fragmented sector (Nestlé, Kraft Foods, Unilever and Cargill), representing only 5% of the global market.[2]

Although the recent economic downturn had an unfavourable impact on industries in general, the food and beverage industry did not feel the effects as much as others, essentially because food is a basic necessity.

Canada is in an excellent position

The food and beverage industry, which is the largest manufacturing industry in Canada, accounts for 2% of the country’s GDP and employs 290,000 Canadians. This industry exports more than $23 billion in goods, and supplies 75% of all processed food and beverage products.[3]

Richter’s expertise in this sector

When our firm was founded more than 85 years ago, our experts took a keen interest in the extremely vibrant food and beverage industry. We had the opportunity to assist a number of major, widely known producers and distributors, both here in Canada and abroad. It is due to this extensive experience that our professionals have developed an especially thorough understanding of the reality and the issues those in this industry face. Contributing to the successes of ambitious companies, actively engaged in this sector, remains one of our primary objectives. 

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